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Internet Marketing Kissimmee, FLInternet Marketing Tips: The Principles Of SEO Article Marketing

Kissimmee, FL – Using seo article marketing methods can do a lot to drive very targeted traffic to your website all for free. If you know how to do it right, you can really get a lot of benefit out of all the articles you write.

many people seem to think that you can either write for humans or you can write for the search engines. They don’t seem to understand that you can actually do it both ways with one article.

Get the Most out of  your Internet Marketing Efforts in Kissimmee..

To get the most out of all your seo article marketing efforts the first thing you have to do is find a good list of quality keywords associated with your niche website (fairly high searches with little competition geo-targeted in Kissimmee).

Once you have your keyword list all you have to do is write quality articles around that keyword. As long as the articles you write are quality and provide good information that’s going to be half the battle.

Do not get stuck in the idea that you have to include your keyword in every sentence of your article. That is considered keyword stuffing and won’t do you any good.

Strive for no more than 3% keyword density. Put the keyword in your title, the first and last paragraph and a few other times throughout your article. That’s all you need.

The simplicity, yet effectiveness, of this methods is why it is so popular. By writing articles you will set yourself up as an expert in your niche. you can use your articles to provide a lot of helpful information to all you readers.

For Effective Internet Marketing in Kissimmee, FL…

Online, it’s always best to give something of value before you expect to get anything. By giving your readers some good and helpful information and advice, you are building trust with them.

The other huge benefit of doing this, with the proper keywords, is that the search engines will reward you for your content with a high search engine ranking. This will give you a lot of organic traffic.

For example, if your niche is bird houses all you need to do is write some keyword optimized articles around the keyword “bird houses”. Then when someone does a search and types in the phrase “bird houses” your article may well be one of the first that shows up on the page! How is that for free traffic!

The same basic principle holds true for making blog posts. When you are adding content to your blog you simply follow these same basic steps. That way when someone does a search for your keywords they will see your blog post and subsequently land on your blog.

This provides you with a great opportunity to add an autoresponder to your blog and capture the visitors email address so you can contact them again.

Using this seo article marketing method can really help you ramp up your website traffic and the best part? It’s all for free! Just be careful to not fall into the mind set that if one keyword in an article is good, ten must be better. Don’t try to stuff your article with keywords, a few well placed keywords is all you need.

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Mobile Marketing Strategies

Marketing with Mobile Phones

Mobile Marketing

Everyone is connected with their cell phones.  Just as televisions and the Internet made it possible to advertise and build brand awareness, so to do mobile phones.  Mobile marketing is an excellent way to connect with customers and keep them thinking about the products and services that businesses provide.  Mobile marketing is made up of many different elements.  SMS, or text messaging, is perhaps the most obvious, but there are many different ways a business can utilize SMS strategies in their marketing efforts. Simply asking customers to "opt-in" for coupons, specials or contests is one very popular way to begin mobile marketing.  When a customer opts in, they are granting permission to the business to send relevant messages to them through their cell phone.  Business can build a list of customers, and when they have information to share, or a promotion to advertise, they can send a message to all of the subscribers on their list quickly and easily.  In this way, businesses can drive foot traffic to their stores and Internet traffic to their websites.  Text messaging can be used as a strategy for many different types of promotions or marketing efforts. 

SMS Text Strategies

Mobile Coupons
Mobile Trivia
Mobile Contests
Mobile Content
Mobile Surveys

Mobile Websites

Customers are always on the go and the one device they always have with them is their cell phone.  Most phones can access the Internet, but not all phones can view all of the content on those websites. This can be solved by making certain that the company website is optimized for mobile phones.  Many businesses are overlooking this strategy, but the statistics are staggering because the number of searches being conducted on mobile phones has grown

What is Video Marketing?

Online Video Marketing


The Basics of Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a strategy used for Search Engine Optimization.  Business, small and large can promote their brand online through the use of video sharing sites like YouTube and Viddler.  Once a video is uploaded to these sites, people all over the world are able to share them in several ways.  They can share them within their social media networks and communities, they can embed them in their blogs, or e-mail them to other people.  While not all videos are going to be viral, the important aspect of this concept is that they provide links to a company's website.  Take a look at most videos on YouTube and there is a link in the description that will take a viewer to a page that will provide them with more information, allow them to see more about that company and often times, see offers that the company has created. 

Why Video Marketing Matters

Virtually everyone has access to the Internet, and YouTube is the 3rd (previously 2nd, but recently replaced by Facebook) most popular website in existence.  Consumers today are looking for information about products and services before they commit to making a purchase.  Because of this, having information available about a product or service is essential if businesses want to compete with others in their industry.  The traditional methods of marketing with the Yellow Pages, Direct Mail, and Billboards and Signs is no longer effective.  Accessibility is the key to successful marketing.  When people can access the information wherever they are, businesses that are in that space will find their customer base growing and their existing customers more likely to refer their friends and family members because it is easy. 

Quality Counts

There are millions of videos being produced and shared online each and every day.  While people are looking for this kind of media, they are not likely to engage with a brand just because there is a video.  The video must be compelling, interesting and it must represent the company in a professional, high-quality manner.  Another aspect of successful video marketing involves using the description of the video to help viewers find more information about the company.  This is done by adding keyword rich information, a call to action and a web address that the viewer can use to go to the company's website.  If the video has been effective, the viewer will click the link.  This is why video marketing is such an important aspect of Internet marketing. 

Expanding Your Online Reach