Mobile Marketing

Mobile MarketingMobile Marketing: Are You Connected To Your Customers?

Mobile Marketing Questions: Where is your customer when you are sending that E-mail newsletter?  What if you could communicate with your subscribers immediately?  Remember when social media was just for kids?  Maybe there is something to be learned from the youth of today.  What if you could get that same kind of attention from your customers?  Internet marketing is an essential element in most marketing plans today.  Mobile Marketing is a relatively new addition to the Marketing mix, but one that might offer a fresh way to connect with your customer immediately!

MSB has a variety of Mobile Marketing tools and strategies to help you stay connected to your customers. Most people aren’t mor than 3 ft. away from their phone at any point in time throughout the day…why not reach them in their pocket!

Mobile Marketing Services

  • Your own text platform: Text messaging, appoint reminders, inneractive screens, coupons, contests, and more..
  • Mobile websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • QR Codes (check out our FREE QR Code generator)
  • Location Based strategies

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Mobile Marketing Ideas
1. Text to Win

2. Product Promotion

3. Text for Info

4. Coupons

5. Surveys

6. Contests

7. Games

8. Text for Specials

9. Subscriptions

10. Text to Vote

11. Real Estate Listings

12. Daily/Weekly Updates

13. Billing Reminders

14. Appointments

15. Donation


































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