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Seseo-lakeland-flarch Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, involves things you post on other sites, like press releases, videos, images and various other types of content. The links that point back to your website from these places will help your site’s ranking improve.

And the more sites that have links pointing back to your site, the better. Part of the calculation that Google and other search engines use to rank your website is the number of links, and the “power” of the websites they’re on.

For example, if you had a link pointing to your website from a site like CNN.com it would be considerably more valuable to your ranking than a link from BobsWebsite.com.

Best SEO Practices…

There are various ways you can generate these links to your website. Articles, videos and various other types of media can include links to your website, so as you distribute them to more and more places you will generate more and more links back to your site.

You can also buy links on other websites. This is essentially a form of advertising, but instead of paying for another site to display your banner or paying for clicks on Google or Facebook, you’re paying another site to link back to yours with the goal being better rankings.

 Getting involved with some of sites can also help generate more links to your site. If you’re active on Facebook and Twitter, you can use those sites to link to your website. Review sites like Yelp.com will also have links back to your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services:

  • Keyword Analysis (for traffic and profitability)
  • On-site optimization (website analysis)
  • Off-site optimization: Backlinking, content submission (articles, videos, pictures, press releases), and bookmarking
  • Content Creation
  • Website analytics and tracking
  • Lead generation pages with email list integration
  • Google Places optimization
  • Social Media integration

SEO With Multiple Websites..

You can even set up multiple websites of your own, each with a very narrow focus. All of them can link back to your main site, helping to push its rankings up. For example, you might set up “minisites” for different product lines that you sell, or different services that you offer – each with a very specific focus. And these sites won’t just be useful for linking back to your main website, they can also generate even more visitors and new customers as people find them in the search engines and various other places.

As you can see, many of these strategies work in tandem with one another. Media distribution doesn’t just get your name out there, it helps with SEO. Being active on Facebook and Twitter doesn’t just give your customers another way to contact you, it also helps your website rank better.

The more you market your business online, the more everything will compound to give you better and better results.

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