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Marketing with Mobile Phones

Mobile Marketing

Everyone is connected with their cell phones.  Just as televisions and the Internet made it possible to advertise and build brand awareness, so to do mobile phones.  Mobile marketing is an excellent way to connect with customers and keep them thinking about the products and services that businesses provide.  Mobile marketing is made up of many different elements.  SMS, or text messaging, is perhaps the most obvious, but there are many different ways a business can utilize SMS strategies in their marketing efforts. Simply asking customers to "opt-in" for coupons, specials or contests is one very popular way to begin mobile marketing.  When a customer opts in, they are granting permission to the business to send relevant messages to them through their cell phone.  Business can build a list of customers, and when they have information to share, or a promotion to advertise, they can send a message to all of the subscribers on their list quickly and easily.  In this way, businesses can drive foot traffic to their stores and Internet traffic to their websites.  Text messaging can be used as a strategy for many different types of promotions or marketing efforts. 

SMS Text Strategies

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Mobile Websites

Customers are always on the go and the one device they always have with them is their cell phone.  Most phones can access the Internet, but not all phones can view all of the content on those websites. This can be solved by making certain that the company website is optimized for mobile phones.  Many businesses are overlooking this strategy, but the statistics are staggering because the number of searches being conducted on mobile phones has grown