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What is Video Marketing?

Online Video Marketing


The Basics of Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a strategy used for Search Engine Optimization.  Business, small and large can promote their brand online through the use of video sharing sites like YouTube and Viddler.  Once a video is uploaded to these sites, people all over the world are able to share them in several ways.  They can share them within their social media networks and communities, they can embed them in their blogs, or e-mail them to other people.  While not all videos are going to be viral, the important aspect of this concept is that they provide links to a company's website.  Take a look at most videos on YouTube and there is a link in the description that will take a viewer to a page that will provide them with more information, allow them to see more about that company and often times, see offers that the company has created. 

Why Video Marketing Matters

Virtually everyone has access to the Internet, and YouTube is the 3rd (previously 2nd, but recently replaced by Facebook) most popular website in existence.  Consumers today are looking for information about products and services before they commit to making a purchase.  Because of this, having information available about a product or service is essential if businesses want to compete with others in their industry.  The traditional methods of marketing with the Yellow Pages, Direct Mail, and Billboards and Signs is no longer effective.  Accessibility is the key to successful marketing.  When people can access the information wherever they are, businesses that are in that space will find their customer base growing and their existing customers more likely to refer their friends and family members because it is easy. 

Quality Counts

There are millions of videos being produced and shared online each and every day.  While people are looking for this kind of media, they are not likely to engage with a brand just because there is a video.  The video must be compelling, interesting and it must represent the company in a professional, high-quality manner.  Another aspect of successful video marketing involves using the description of the video to help viewers find more information about the company.  This is done by adding keyword rich information, a call to action and a web address that the viewer can use to go to the company's website.  If the video has been effective, the viewer will click the link.  This is why video marketing is such an important aspect of Internet marketing.